Monday, October 19, 2009

The Happy Drummer

The Happy Drummer went home very late last night, wearing his most newly embellished jeans, a white suede design on faded black denim. He'd stopped by to pick them up and was wearing the previously done pair, a tribal cross motif on black denim. That pair had a need of a little bit of additional stitching, so he tried on the new pair for a photo and wore them home, grinning all the way out of the house! are the last 2 pairs, not the best of photos, but something at least!

Below, back view of motif on lower left pant leg on the tribal cross motif jeans.

Mostly front view of right leg, barely showing motif on side at ankle.

The newest pair, closeup front 3/4 view and full view. They look a little wrinkly, but I think a good washing will settle the satin stitching into the fabric and a good pressing afterwards should be all they need to look pretty good. The white fabric is an inexpensive faux suede. Next time, I'd do them in Ultra-suede, regardless of the cost. The faux suede did tend to ravel a bit.

Back view, showing just how far around the ankles the design actually wrapped.

Next on the agenda, a chance to take some ideas that have been on my mental back burner for a while and play with them...something involving eyelets and lacing, something with some chain maille!

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