Sunday, October 31, 2010

UFO Alert! They're in my sewing room!

If there is such a thing as anyone of you out there having a UFO-free sewing space, I DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT IT!

UFOs abound in my studio and I suspect that they always will.  However, motivated by the coming of cooler weather and the desire to sleep under a bed cover that actually fits the bed, I pulled a UFO out this weekend and blasted through as much as I could, given the fact that weekends mean family at home!  And of course there was the whole "let's see how late we can do costumes this year" thing.

Anyway, probably around 5 years ago, give-or-take, I found a pattern that gave me a really big AH-HAH moment.  Vogue had developed a pattern, indeed an entire decorating scheme just for our master bedroom.  It was 2908, and was already discontinued when I found it, but they had some in their discontinued stock and I got one of the last.  The pattern contains everything a room could need in the way of textile decor.  Several trips to SAS (local fabric store - manufacturer's overstocks, etc.) and I was able to come up with fabrics to fill in for every fabric in the picture on the pattern cover, which is here:

This picture isn't very good, but I'll replace it when I get a chance.  Still, I think you can see the details well enough.

I have the floral for the spread, or something amazingly similar, a nice plaid - pink and tan on cream - for the bedskirt and tablecloth, a jacquard weave for the 26" french square pillows, and several other pieces for all of the other pillows and such.  I have all the trims too, miles of fancy fringes, chunky pipings and more.  And it's all been sitting in the studio, waiting quietly, waiting forever.

I had started the bedspread, to the point of having the top layer pieced.  Of course, it took two attempts as the first time I cut too small for the kind of covering that I wanted.  I was able to salvage that as the backing layer for the top layer.  I also added a layer of polar fleece, pieced to the spread size, just to complicate things...I make it more quilt-like and warmer for our frigid AZ winters...yeah - right.  It will be plenty warm anyway.  It will also be large enough, the first time I've had a large enough cover for this bed since we got rid of the waterbed several years ago.

I was really so inspired by this pattern.  Back when I first found it, I found a headboard at a local thrift store, awful pink and white thing, but several cans of spray paint turned it to a wonderful piece in dark, dark green.  It doesn't have the scrollwork like the one in the picture, but it turned out pretty cool.

I'm still looking for tables like the small one in the corner next to the bed (nightstand position).  They're not visible in this picture, but there is a slightly different view on the actual envelope.  The tables are tall enough for the mattress, round with a lovely edge detail.  Someday....

I wanted the crown mouldings and the crown moulding shelf, but for now the budget is saying no.  I will have the creamy white walls, Vanilla Delight from Home Depot.  In lieu of the crown molding shelf, I've just lucked onto 3 5'-long shelves, similar to the long crown molding shelf, but very light weight, probably a molded product, brand-new, in their wrappers, at the thrift store.  They won't be quite the same as the elegant shelf in the picture, but I think they'll do just fine.

So eventually I'll have my version of the room in the picture - and a lot of left-over fabrics too!  I'm thinking that there is enough of the floral for either pinch-pleated draperies in the place of the white sheers, or a summer-weight bedspread with a fringe finish.  I already have the fringe...urgh.

The window toppers are cut as are the French square pillow pieces.  If I can get the spread done this week, maybe the rest will follow.

P.S.  Here's the back view of the pattern, in case anyone is curious.

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