Tuesday, June 7, 2011

And it's done!

Yup, Chris' new tent is finished!  I'm pretty much blown away and he is just thrilled.  He's going to enjoy, so very much, having a tent in which he can stand up and maybe even walk around a little bit!

I knew the wedge-type tent would be much easier than what I did in January/February, back when I swore I'd NEVER make another tent, but this was just delightfully easy, even if 15 yards of canvas is a lot to have in one's lap, all at once.  I could maybe even see doing one like this again someday, if a need arose.  It was just cool.  Hmmm....maybe in a striped fabric - something with really wide strips!

Back to packing for Highlands War.  Pictures of all tents and garb and everything from the last few months of sewing to follow!

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