Thursday, April 7, 2011


...should not happen so early in a weight-loss program!  Somehow, after that fast 5 pounds, I got stuck for a few days, and even saw the scale trying to go up instead of down.  Needless to say, that was not an encouraging moment in my new attempt to get healthier and slimmer. 

I suspect that there was some physical adjustment taking place.  As of this morning, I'm right where I was at the moment of that previous post, down 5 pounds, which is just fine.  That's 5 pounds in less than 2 weeks.  As long as I don't stall out completely, going slow is great.  I have always felt that the weight loss came too easy last time, 9 years ago.  I lost those 60 pounds in barely 6 months, was hardly ever hungry, was not exercising, did not work for the results and was not able to hold on to them.  If I have to work a little harder for them this time, I'm not upset or worried.  The longer it takes me to get the 60 pounds back off, the better the odds of my keeping them off this time!

So, time for breakfast and logging my meals and making slow but steady progress towards the healthier me that I know is lurking inside, waiting to wear all of the wonderful clothes hanging in the closet.

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  1. I can gain several pounds overnight, if I eat something I have a food allergy/sensitivity to! And of course salt will do the water-retention thing!
    I weigh myself once or twice a month, in the morning, before I've eaten anything. And naked as the day I was born. (I was a lot cuter then.)
    Good luck on your journey!