Monday, February 14, 2011

Ok, back on track and done whining and pouting . . .

I'm going to try saving the tent roof, though not until after Estrella.  I'll probably put it up on the frame and scrub it with soapy water and a push-broom, hose it down to rinse it.  If it can be saved, great.  If not, at least it's just the roof and a lot less effort to re-make than what the walls would be.  Either way, I'll have a somewhat less modern-looking tent in the very near future.

Meanwhile, I finished off a couple more garb pieces last night and this morning.  Chris has two brand new shirts, one dark green, one navy blue.  He's excited about them.  I actually saw him light up when he saw the dark green one.  He really loves the color.

I had tried to pick a pattern that would be similar to his purchased shirt, from Highlands War.  This one is ok, except for one thing.  His purchased shirt had actual set-in sleeves - modern style with armholes cut into the body of the shirt.  The pattern is just a straight rectangle for the body, with the straight sleeve 'cap' - very flat cap - sewn onto the side in a straight seam.  It put the gathers of the sleeve about half-way to his elbow.  It didn't look right and he did not care for it, though he was trying so hard not to tell me that, my poor sweetie.  I took the sleeves back out late yesterday, freehand cut armholes, and set the sleeves in modern-style.  The sleeves are up at his shoulders and it looks so much better on him.  The IL019 linen feels so nice.  He's going to get a lot of good out of these shirts.  Now that I know how to make the pattern do what I want it to do, it should work great for the two off-white shirts that are cut and waiting.

So, on that note, I'm back to packing and cleaning up and getting ready to get out of here bright and early tomorrow morning.  Look out Estrella - here I come!

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