Friday, June 25, 2010

As for other things...

Yes, all those other things, like the mid-1700's gown, and the 1857 walking dress, and the 1903 outfit...well...

This summer as gone totally NOT the way I'd hoped for and those things have not even been started. DRAT!

However, I am going to Costume College in August, and am taking two all-day workshops - the Victorian corset workshop, and the Elizabethan corsetry workshop. Since the walking dress and the 1903 outfit both require corsets, I'll have to see how my class project works out for one or the other of those. The Elizabethan class won't produce something for my mid-1700's outfit, but it will be something to wear with other outfits still in the early planning stages.

So, for this summer and Costume College, I'm going to work on accessories and hair for the outfits that I made for CoCo last year, but was to chicken to wear. Well, after all, they didn't have accessories so how could I wear them? Both are 1795-1805 or so, and discussed elsewhere on my blog. I'll try to get some pics of the finished dresses up, and will be seeking advice on those accessories as well as on what on earth I can possibly do with my hair for this period.

I may also take and wear my newly built Viking apron dress outfit, though it needs a better undergown first. It's fun to wear though and very comfortable. At least I do have some options for dressing up at CoCo this year.

And between now and then, I suppose I can go ahead and build my chemises and petticoats for those other outfits, so my corsets can be properly fitted during the workshop! Off to sew!

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