Tuesday, March 29, 2011

creativity....I think I used to have some...

but I sure don’t know where it went!  Some days it feels like there’s a brick wall between me and my creativity and I don’t know how to tear the wall down.  I know that having a seriously over-filled studio contributes to the problem.  It’s really stifling to have too much stuff waiting to be transformed into something else.  And too much time in the non-creative rut of the daily routine can leave one feeling as though one has no creativity at all and should not even bother looking for it.

I'm hoping that having my studio clean enough to be able to work will get me on the path to making and creating again.  It's still over-crowded, but the cutting table is clear, the projects in progress are sorted and ready, and maybe, just maybe that royal blue bog coat with the assorted blue brocade appliques is finally going to get some attention.

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