Friday, March 25, 2011

Time flies while I trudge along...

Ok, so it's not as bad as that sounds, but my stars, where did a month go?  I keep promising myself that I will get photos taken and post some of the stuff that came out of the insanity of prepping for of these days!

Meanwhile, more stuff is in the works and progressing slowly...very, very slowly in the case of the new veil that I decided to edge with a technique that can be seen at this link:

The video is really all of the instruction that there is, and it was shot rather casually.  I figured out how to do it though so I'm sure that other people can and will do or have done so.  It's a neat technique.  She presents it as a way to join to pieces of fabric where the seam allowances have been folded in so that the stitching is joining the two folded edges.  I looked at it and saw it as an edging on an already-hemmed, single layer of fabric.  I'm using a light crochet cotton in light blue and white, to create the two-color effect.  It really doesn't make the edge stiff, at least not too stiff and I think I'm really going to like it, IF I ever get it finished.  It seems to be a slow technique, especially on a large object like the circumference of a round veil.   A few minutes here and there won't get it done fast, but it will get done.  It's about time I start wearing the appropriate headcoverings with my garb!

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