Saturday, July 23, 2011

And as for the great stash reduction...

...phase one is complete.  Approximately 144 pieces of fabric found new homes amongst my fellow SCA'ers, and in a children's theater costume shop.  Thank heavens for costume shops!  Fabrics that had me wondering how insane I had gone to have bought them in the first place - no problem - they'll fill some need or other and look great on stage.

Can't help but feel that I still need to cull almost as many pieces again, but it's harder now.  The pieces now gone were pieces that either I actually disliked, or pieces that I sort of liked but knew would not be sewing until a lot of other pieces had been used first.  What's left is ALL stuff that I do like and can envision wearing eventually.  I guess the dilemma is to decide which pieces are likely to be the last ones that I want to sew, even though I like them all.  That's not easy.  So much depends on the inspirations of the moment.

Oh well.  I still feel that a fabric stash is a marvelous source of inspiration in its own right, and a therapeutic tool that calms and relaxes when too much else is stressful and hectic.  I can stare at my stash and see new combinations amongst fabrics that have been there for a long time.  Re-arranging the folded pieces, every now and then, seems to re-charge the stash potential and bring to my mind new possibilities.

Will I miss any of the pieces that are gone...NOPE.  Many I've already forgotten and am not likely to recall.  Maybe I'll go visit a few of them when they're on stage, during a show.  Otherwise, I'm moving forward and those fabrics are definitely behind me.

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