Sunday, July 24, 2011

Garb-ish stuff...

Cleaning up the studio a bit more.  Trying to get the notebooks full of garb articles into some sort of useful order.  The Garb Planning & Inventory notebook is starting to look pretty good, as I've gotten quite a bit done this last year.

Wow, about 1 1/3 years since I started building garb for Highlands War last year.  I do have quite a few pieces now, though I'm still struggling to get complete outfits put together.  Accessories seem to be my downfall.  I started logging my garb pieces on my A&S 50 Challenge page, on this blog.  In just over a year, I've made 46 pieces - ok, so some aren't quite finished, but I'm definitely going to meet the deadline for the Challenge!  If I finish my outfit for Middle East Feast (Labor Day weekend), I'll probably have my 50.

Some of what's on my list isn't all that spectacular, so I think I'll keep going on the Challenge, after the 50 are done, and see how many pieces I really have at the end.  Then I can count the 50 best for the Challenge and do a blog post with pictures of all.  That would be fun.

Ok, time to go back to the notebooks and piles of papers.

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