Tuesday, September 13, 2011

When it rains, it pours....

Unless you live in central Arizona, in which case rain may simply mean the sky spitting on your windshield.  We're hoping for more than that this afternoon, but we're not holding our breath.

When it comes to this blog, well, see the post title, above.  A drought of posts, and then two or three in a day.

Over the weekend, the bug to finish old projects bit, but in a different direction from the quilt.  Back when my youngest was in elementary school, probably about 3rd grade, I'd found the fabrics for my bedroom.  The main bed cover got finished a while back (see older posts) but nothing more than that.  As the picture from the pattern showed, this project was to include the bed cover, window treatments, bed skirt, table cover and a lot of pillows.

As part of getting ready to re-enter the full-time workforce, I have been getting my closet and dressing area cleaned up.  That is an ugly story in itself, but for now...the dressing table.  When we first bought this house, I was determined to use the previous owner's color schemes as much as possible, so that I could avoid painting for as many years as possible.  The master bedroom was a decent shade of strong peach, so I coped.  I had added some seafoam green and mauve, through prints that contained all three colors and was fine with that.  But those pieces: comforter, dressing table skirt got old and rather worn, so I let them go away.  That left me with pretty much nothing but odds and ends.  We haven't had a decent window treatment in years, and my dressing table has been completely naked!  Oh-no! 

I had hoped that once the main bedcover was finished, the rest would follow right along, but that has not been the case.  Just too many other things going on, I guess.  But during the big clean-up, I decided that I'd have enough of the bare wood table top under glass, and the naked iron hairpin legs.  The table top is semi-kidney-bean-shaped, much like one that I had as a child.  I snuck the glass out from under all of the stuff and headed for the studio.  I'm about 1/2 way through assembling the skirt - no pattern, just the top plus some rectangles to gather in for the sides.  It will have 4 full widths of fabric in the skirt portion.  Three are seamed together and cover the side fronts, sides and back.  The 4th panel will be hemmed and separate from the others, filling in the center front, but making for easy access to the storage beneath the table - a 3-drawer unit from which I am constantly pulling hair accessories and such.

Probably an hour or so of pinning the gathered panels to the top and adjusting the gathers all around, before it all gets sewn together, and that seam finished.  Then a hem and it will be done.

I really have to wonder sometimes, why do I wait so long to tackle these things when they turn out to take so little time to get done?

Pictures will follow, ASAP!

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