Monday, November 7, 2011

Brrr....ooh, cool!

Those who live outside of Arizona, especially the Phoenix area, may not be able to appreciate this, but it is so COOL to be able to say BRRRRRR........

And there is even a play on words in there!  Yeah!

Finally, the heat left, the nights cooled off, we got some rain, and when I went outside in jeans, tank top and sandals, it was actually kind of cold!  It's cold enough to be able to wear clothes!  hehehe Well, yes, we always do wear clothes, but oh, how nice to be able to put on anything I want and not roast!  Sweaters, jackets, long-sleeves, even stockings - all of those things that just hang ignored in the closet, or in the drawers, finally I get to wear them!

We're having a really nice day here!  It's kind of chilly!

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