Monday, February 27, 2012

November, December, January, February.....uh-oh....too long between posts again.

It's been a rough few months.  Had foot surgery back in December, which went well, but which required a healing process.  I'm a bit over 2/3 through the healing, based on the goal of being back in regular shoes at the 3 month mark.  I've been wearing men's extra-wide running shoes, so as to not irritate the healing foot, but of course they're too wide for the other foot, so it's been a challenge.

And then things got harder.  My mom suffered a stroke in January, from which we had every reason to expect a pretty good recovery.  Sadly, because of complications, we lost her 3 weeks ago.  She was too vibrant and excited about life to be gone so soon.  Between watching her struggle with recovery, and losing her after 3 weeks of that struggle, it's been a really hard winter.

So much to handle, helping Dad with Mom's stuff, her sewing room, yarn collection, and all of the knick-knacks and such.  We're getting there slowly, with tears here and there, and an occasional chuckle as objects and papers remind us of good moments.

I'm not old enough to not have my mom yet....I don't care what the numbers say.  She shouldn't be gone.

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