Saturday, February 28, 2009

A few more projects from the past

Several years ago, I was the very lucky recipient of this delightful 1940's hat. A dear friend with no one else to whom to give it, opted to pass it on to me. The fabric, lime green with a plaid of shades of blue, black and white, feels like a very fine silk taffeta. It's the structure of the hat that just amazes me!

I photographed the hat so that I could send the images to someone else, but I just had to share them here too. The model is the nearly 1/2 scale My Size Barbie, wearing a very curly red wig made for a doll, though not necessarily her size. The hat was made to be worn by an adult woman. It sets a bit forward and to the side on the head, with the ring opened away from the crown, to catch on the back of the head and probably be bobby-pinned into the hair. It's really surprising how well it does set on the head, though I'd never wear it without securing it thoroughly.

Front and Top views

Underside/inside view with ring held open

Back view on the 1/2 scale model

Side front view

I've studied the inner structure, as much as one can without disassembling the hat. It is so intriguing. I intend to attempt to reproduce it, using buckram, crinoline and wire for the foundation. Sections will be built and covered, before being joined together.

When I get it done (no, don't ask when) I'll post photos of the process and the copy.


  1. OMGosh..that hat is wonderful!

    ...and welcome to the "Blogosphere" !

    Pam ~Off The Cuff~

  2. I collect vintage pieces and hats from the late thirties to early forties are some of my favorites... they had such a sense of fun! You have an adorable example there.