Saturday, February 28, 2009

Things I'd nearly forgotten

Yes, I'm really deep through the old folders tonight. Some of my
favorite work was the dance costumes that I built for the ballet - good quality fabrics make such a difference.

I still chuckle at my trepidation when, on my first day on that new job, I was handed a rather worn Nutcracker tutu for which I needed to salvage the shredded lace and build a whole new bodice. I wish I'd photographed the old bodice. The finished new bodice looked so good and even I had a hard time believing what I'd accomplished, carefully recreating missing bits of the silver and gold metallic laces with metallic embroidery threads. There were no flowers left to replace
the old, worn flowers, but even those looked much better once they
were fastened on the new bodice. it me, or is this editing software really, really difficult to manipulate?


  1. Hi. I'm Gwen. I'm also new to blogging, and yes, this software is difficult to use.

    I'm anxious to see your posts. Love the little hat!

  2. Exquisite work! I also wish you had been able to have a "before" photo to go with the "afer".