Saturday, February 28, 2009

Introducing...(the post that never had a title)

I've lost count of how many times I've started a blog only to lose track of weeks without making an entry. I've deleted them after only one or two posts, usually several months apart.

I'm going to try again.

This time, I'm going to do as so many other sewing list members do, and use my blog to share my projects with others who share my fascination for all things fabric and thread.

Actually, these days I'm getting paid to do my thing with fabric, making patterns and costumes for a local theatre company. It's nice, most of the time anyway, though theatrical costumes
seldom call for nice fabrics, just cheap. But we've got a fun show coming up, with the mundane costumes all being shopped and the fun/fantasy costumes being made in-house. We're doing The Neverending Story. So far, the theatrical version does little to remind me of the movie (just as well) and I don't remember the book well, but this is interesting.

I won't be able to post pictures of that work, but I have some other things to share. Most recently, I've been doing embellishment to jeans for a rock drummer, my son's drum teacher, David. This has been fun and quite far outside of my normal range of work.

Feet On Fire
These were done at David's request for something that would give the sense of his feet being on fire while he's playing! Given how hard he plays, this is not so very unlikely! The black jeans were opened up the inside seam and appliqued with red satin and flame-print cotton 'flames'. The raw edges (yes, all of them) were just zig-zagged, nothing as dense as a satin stitch. They are a little stiffer than I would have liked, due to the fusible web, but I think they'll soften up over time.

The whole thing actually began with this pair:

The Leopard Print
The first time that David and Lars (guitarist) came to the house to discuss this project with me, they just blew me away! It was the first time ever in all my years of having a fabric stash, that anyone of the opposite gender ever showed any enthusiasm for that stash! I had been planning on running the guys up to the nearest fabric retailer, but they stood in my studio and shopped MY fabric! It was so funny and so fun!

Differences between the two guys' tastes become evident very quickly with David choosing this soft, rayon leopard print and a grey/black-on-white snakeskin print, while Lars opted for plain denim for one pair, and a shades-of-grey camo print for the second pair. Those first four pairs were simply a tapering of the fit in the thighs, and adding the triangle flares in the lower side seams. They were fun and the guys really loved them.

Then came these:

The Snakeskin Print
I had a bit more fun on this pair. In addition to the flare, I added diamond-shaped appliques up the right side, above the flare, satin stitched in black.

Next up will be some tribal images, cut in suede and appliqued; also maybe, some custom glove.


  1. Wow, amazing work. I think what I like about blogs is being able to click on the photo's and see a larger view. I will add you to my list of favorites. thanks for sharing.

  2. These are so cool. But, besides the trousers, I LOVE your floor!

    I am bookmarking your blog, because I am going to be teaching a class about decorating your clothing. I intend to give the students the link. I think these photos will help them to see the potential of what they can do.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Sandy in the UK