Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Progress in bits-n-pieces...

The first thing that comes to mind right now is that I want to yell about the stupid parts of the first night of the new semester...however, it's just not worth it!  So let's look at the good side having a stack of work to grade after the very first meeting considered a good thing?  hehehe  Well, I did it to myself, but on the other hand, they actually accomplished something big on their very first night!  So I guess that's a good thing.  So many classes, the first meeting is at least partly a waste - hours are scheduled but students can't do anything the first meeting except get their syllabus and instructions on how to be ready for the second meeting, and go home early.  I don't like wasting that first meeting, so I had everything that we needed for them to work on samples and stay for the entire class time, and they did!  So that's a YEAH!

I've got an awful lot to do before that second meeting, to be properly ready for it, but I'll manage.  It's actually feeling kind of fun.

The whole semester-class-teaching thing timed itself rather badly though...I'm right in the middle of getting ready for Estrella War.  How can I take time for teaching?  lol...oh, yeah - the pay check, which helps make Estrella War possible for me...shucks.

But my preparations are progressing.  I have my first "Dame Angele's Very Warm Coat" mostly done - built anyway - embellishment will happen down the road a ways.  I have a second coat - a light-weight, Viking caftan inspired coat - in the works too.  Have cut 2 shirts for Chris, one 12th C. gown for me, and have made the first of 2 or 3 hats.  Also have one chemise, 2 or 3 veils, and one half-circle cloak in the works.

Fabrics are on the cutting table for 2 more shirts for Chris, several assorted gowns and sideless gowns for me, Chris' warm coat, and a few other pieces.  And yes, somehow I'm going to build garb and teach classes, all between now and Estrella....and build my tent.

Pictures soon, I promise!