Saturday, April 2, 2011

Long overdue pics - well, just a few for now

Back before Estrella War, I got pretty fired up on the garb building process.  Lots of new pieces were in the works.  Some got finished, some are still waiting.

Due to a small camera crisis, I haven't been able to do pictures of much of anything, finished or not, but I do have this one this morning.

 This was my test-run of the pattern from Threads Magazine, Issue #56.  The fabric is the faux suede/sherpa from Joann's.  The finished hat is in wool, with a very nice faux fur band, and I'll have pictures of it as soon as the camera issue resolves.

The pattern worked great.  I'd tried a pattern from the Web, and was looking at other pattern options - none of which felt right.  This one is perfect with very little effort.  And the mock-up turned out to be a great sleeping cap for a couple of chilly nights at War.


  1. Ohh! How nice to see photographs!! Yayyyy!! :)
    Great hat!!

  2. As a test-run, yup, it did turn out pretty well, but I really love the final version. Pics soon!