Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the costume-building front...

Snuck into JoAnn's today, wanting a piece from their very limited selection of 100% linens.  Unfortunately, their selection of linens has shrunk drastically from where it was back in June.  No luck there.  Headed over to the suitings.  What a mess.  I wish that they would separate the 100% wools from all the rest.  Almost missed some 100% wool gabardines - not perfect for costume purposes, but on sale for even more than the 40% off of the rest of the suitings - $10.00 per yard.  A rich red and a soft brown should be useful for something, as should the red wool - non-gabardine and feels like a regular wool. 

Still wish I could have gotten some linen though.  My linen stash is so limited.  Will have to shop online.


  1. JoAnn's isn't like it used to be.
    Ours is like that too.
    Shopping online is okay, except for the added shipping cost.
    I have to order all of my white silk and velvet bolts online.
    JoAnne's doesn't carry that at all.
    Good luck finding a decent linen source.

  2. Actually, I have been lucky on the linen search! Renaissance Fabrics is just getting ready to offer a new linen, very lightweight and so soft and scrumptious! It's a little pricey, but I think it might just be well worth it. They're just cutting from their first bolt of it so my 2 yards should be here early this week. I'm going to test it on medieval veils, hand-stitching the hems but I think it is going to stitch very nicely.

    I am in the middle of stitching hems on veils cut from the IL030 linen from It's rather stiff and not easy to hand-hem, but would probably be better if I had washed it first. Live and learn.