Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Oh, the agony, the agony....

Forced myself to go through my closet - ouch.  At the moment I do pretty much have 2 complete wardrobes - wearable and too-small.  I will not give up on myself, so I'm not willing to get rid of the too-small collection.  It is motivation of a sort.

I did go through both sets of clothing, looking for anything that has not held up well through a few wearings and washings, anything that did not thrill me when looking at it.  I asked myself, regardless of size, if I could wear it right this moment, would I want to?  There were 3 kitchen garbage bags of things for which I could not answer yes.  A few were things that I just did not enjoy wearing, even though I could right now.  I probably could have removed another bag-full, but that was enough for one difficult day.

On a side note, how many skirts constitute too many?  Mine are on those 4-5 skirt hangers, and I have at least a dozen of those hangers!  Why do I love skirts so much?  They really are my favorite type of garment!

So, a little space cleared.  The walk-in closet back to being the main storage for all hanging, mundane clothes, wearable or not.  The additional jury-rigged hanging space in the dressing area now usable for garb and the ugly, cheap garment rack returned to storage for use at camping events or (reluctantly) a garage sale.  The garb had been in the sewing area, but that was getting unmanageable, and besides, I like finished work to get OUT of there!

Tomorrow's goal - yup, a goal for Thanksgiving day, since 1/2 the household went camping this afternoon...mine my way back into the studio - seriously.  The entry is blocked!  Once in, restore the mess I made before the last camping event and the last mad garb scramble, as well as the prep for the hat class last weekend.  Once I can work again - back to building garb, and working on the new camping structure.  Have poles - need cover.  Lots of sewing and for the first time in a long, long time, I'm feeling motivated and excited about getting some things done.  Yeah!


  1. Better you than me!! I really, REALLY dislike going through my closet!
    If I give stuff away, I always!! need it within the month!
    I'm also one of those people that hates to shop for clothing and shoes.
    But put me in an art supply store, or a hardware store...
    I can shop for hours! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!!

  2. Agreed - totally dislike the process of weeding out the closet. However, the items gone will not be missed...not when there's so darned much still left. Faded from washing and not a great fit anyway - GONE - not to be missed. Shopping has always been a weird thing for me. Mostly I dislike it, but once in a while I seem to need a good hard shopping session....weird.

    Happy T'day to you too!

  3. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!
    Can't wait to read your next post.