Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Almost there...

The semester is almost done.  I am so very ready.

I've pretty much put all costume construction on hold as the mood just hadn't been there.  I've got some linen and wool orders ready to place, for garb to build for Estrella War.  Also sent my bowed psaltery for repairs so I can play it around a camp fire during Estrella.

Costume-wise, once I get the fabrics ordered, I've got tons to build.  First up are some sideless gowns and the undergowns to go with them.  I've got wool gabardine - not period but gorgeous shade of red, a more period woolen, cotton velveteen.  Most are red, though I'll probably do an undergown in dark brown.  Those are for me, naturally.

For Chris (14), I'm going to build 3-5 shirts - more fantasy pirate than period, but they are what he likes.  I'm ordering linen in dark green and in natural.  He really needs more than one shirt to get through an event and he does not seem to like the tunics.

We'll also both be getting some very warm, fairly period coats - wool lined in polar fleece because sometimes warmth is more important than total period accuracy!  I'm also going to be building the canvas cover for my new, not-very-period yet not-mundane camping structure.  It certainly won't be a pavilion, but it won't be a Coleman dome tent either.  I'm using the old pipes and connectors from some of the carport shade structures that we've had in the past.  Making do with what's available, which is a very period concept!

Lots to do in the next 8 weeks and I don't know if I can get it all done.  I do love to over-load my to-do list!  But it's always worth trying for it.


  1. I'd like to wish you and your loved ones a glorious Holiday Season!!

  2. Thank you Gabriele and a wonderful Holiday and New Year to you and yours as well.