Monday, February 7, 2011

Yes, I really did...

... kill a sewing machine.  Well, it was dead for my use in the studio.  Whether or not the repairman at the store can revive it remains to be seen.

But the tent goes on...and on...and on... and... ...

Forty yards of fabric does not become a tent without a whole lot of wrestling the elephant under the presser foot.  It will be nice when it is finished, but it is highly unlikely that I'll ever do anything like this again.  As much as I'd love to have a real period pavilion, that won't happen until I can afford to buy one, maybe someday.

A few more hours on the tent yet, though it would have been done this afternoon, had not I been asked to substitute for my boss who was and is, unfortunately, home sick.  Still it wasn't all bad.  I enjoyed her students.  I was also already in central Phoenix, so I was close to where the sad sewing machine needed to go, so it's there and I won't have to worry about getting there on some other day.

I think that I'll work on garb for what's left of today.  My neck and shoulders are appreciating the break from the tent.  I have 4 shirts, one doublet (or two), a couple of chemises, a couple more gowns (I hope) to sew.  I also need to finish the hem on a couple of wool/polar fleece coats and put some snaps on the front.  Time permitting, I'm going to try to cut out a very wide (8-9") leather belt and get it together too, for Chris.  He won't need it until after mid-week next week, so I may just cut it and stitch on it during quiet moments at war.

The goals list for War was probably ridiculously long, and I certainly won't have crossed off everything on it.  Still, what I've gotten done for this event will be there, ready to go, for future events.  I won't need to build a tent next time.  I'll have enough garb to get through a few days at a time.  My future efforts can be put towards completing my A&S 50 Challenge goal, maybe evening doing a full repeat, but with less stress and more time for embellishment and creativity and enjoying the process.  I managed some of that on the stuff I've been doing, and it did really wet my appetite for more.  That's a good thing, I think!

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