Thursday, February 3, 2011

And more...

I now have a fur-trimmed hat and matching fur muff complete with inside pocket to hold a hand warmer - yeah!  No more cold hands at fighter practice and Estrella should be a lot warmer too.

The hat is just a test run, about the 4th or 5th, but finished enough to wear and see how I like it.  I cut up a second-hand fur jacket to make the hat and have plenty left for at least a couple more hats plus another muff.  Actually, the muffs are fun since they're cut from the sleeves!  Just had to taper out the flare of the sleeve as it got widest at the underarm point.  Straight tube, easily stitched, lined in polar fleece...piece of cake.

The test-run hat before this one also got finished.  It's a faux fleece backed with faux suede, so the brim and the crown are all one section....sort of.  Anyway, it finished up kind of cute, just not quite as impressive as the wool crown with the wide fur band around it.  If I were to make another of the faux fleece, I'd cut the panels a lot longer, so that when I roll the band up, it is wider without using up too much of the crown.

My Very Warm Coat, wool lined in polar fleece is almost done, but not for fighter practice tonight.

I've got 3 gowns in the works.  A brown, e-bay store bought has been altered to fit somewhat better and trimmed so it looks much nicer than it first did.  The green gown, from the La Fleur de Lyse, 1150 Dame pattern is done except to have the trim hand-stitched in place.  Need to get that done as I really need my pins back!  A navy blue linen is also done except for trim stitching.  While the brown gown got a manufactured trim that actually looks pretty good for this purpose, the other two gowns are getting trim cut from actual fabrics.  From not too far away, they do look like trims, but were available, whereas good trims are so hard to find.  The trim for the brown gown came from SAS and I liked it so well that I bought a whole role, so I'll be able to trim several other pieces with it as well.

The tent is coming slowly, too slowly really, but I'll get it done somehow.  No way am I camping in a nylon dome ever again, if I can possibly avoid it.  The tent will get done.

Still have to get a hitch on my van as my camping gear has gotten to be just a bit much for my van.  As long as it's never more than me and one other person, I can manage, but if my son ever wants to take a friend, I won't be able to have a 3rd seat and still fit the stuff!

Estrella is sneaking up on me...nope, it's jumping out at me and yelling, "Hurry up, woman!  Move it."

As always, I'll do pictures when the cameras cooperate!

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