Sunday, October 30, 2011

A garb-ish sort of day...

No progress on the purple gown today.  Life sort of got in the way.  Had to get a new microwave this morning.  The old one worked ok, but the interior was just worn out.

And instead of sewing garb this afternoon, I guess you could say that I went shopping for garb.  Mistress Amy Marie MacCormack was cleaning out her garb closet, and I was lucky to be able to wear several pieces.  I'm so very excited!  Cool new garb to wear!  There's a purple velvet Italian, a pink jacquard linen Italian, a green linen Italian and a blue linen Flemish (Van der Weyden), all finished and ready to wear.  I will need to come up with a chemise or two, beyond what I already have as none are appropriate for Italians.  And I'll be making a set of sleeves or two.  Beyond that, it's just my hair and my footwear, so these are outfits that I will be able to use and enjoy!

I think that I have figured out how to finish the purple gown, and how to cut it better for the next one, but I'll have to work on it some more, before I can really tell much about it here.  Still, it's been quite the productive weekend.  Yeah!

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