Sunday, October 31, 2010

It helps to put the bobbin in the machine....

Or, why was I making Halloween costumes 2 hours before trick-or-treating, especially given that the wearers are 13 and 15 (for a few more days/weeks) and really don't do the trick-or-treat thing anymore?

And yes, I tried to sew without the bobbin in the machine - can't really recommend it as a sewing

The old Scream robe was too short everywhere and too tight, too.  Luckily, the stash yielded some costume-type faux suede, similar to the robe's original fabric.  Added a 6" wide strip in each side seam, from robe hem to sleeve hem - plenty big and then some.  Lengthened the sleeves 6" and the robe 11".  That was perfect, as long as I didn't want to sew any hems.  Good since I was short on time anyway.

Of course, both guys had been planning on wearing the Scream robe...but had forgotten to tell each other or me.  It was 90 minutes too late for an emergency run to the neighborhood costume shop, so one kid got the robe and the other said, "I'll just go hang out at the party - no costume needed", follow about 15 minutes later by, "Could you make me a red shirt that says 'Thing One'?"  Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.....

But I'm a, whip out a chunk of red cotton knit, free-hand cut a t-shirt, front and back identical except for the necklines, and a couple of sleeves.  Well, the sleeves were ok, but the armholes were rather tight, which I figured out after I'd altered the sleeves to fit the armholes.  It worked ok though.  Just had to scramble to get 'Thing One' painted on the front, graffiti-style, and dried in time to wear.  It hasn't exactly been heat-set, but it got worn!

So Halloween came and went, with costumes salvaged and created at the last possible moment...not how I intended to end the weekend, but what the heck...

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