Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I did it again....

Yes, I let months go by.

Back in July, I was having such fun with the things that I hoped to have ready for Costume College, right up to the moment when I hit that mental brick wall.  I think that it was partially a response to the bio-physical issues that tend to hit us all at some point in life, and partially frustration at the way some things just were not going right.

The hat project stalled when I finally had to face the fact that it was going to end up too small.  A word of advice - if using a straw hat as a base for a turban or other style, make sure it is a little bit too big at the start.  That way, when you wrap layers of fabric around the edge and decrease the size, it will still fit!

The stays for the white gown are on hold...maybe later this winter.  Likewise the shoes to go with the white gown and the green gown.

What AM I working on?  Well, when school started back up, things got quite busy and my studio and I saw little of each other.  Even if I made it out there, I usually looked around and left.  Sheesh.  Right now though, in order to spark my interests and creativity, I'm indulging myself with things that have nothing to do with my teaching, things that I just WANT to do.

I started a 1514 chemise from a Tiziano Veccellio painting titled Woman with a Mirror.  I first saw the chemise when someone posted a link to the picture on one of the costuming list-serves.  They wanted help with interpreting the gown.  I fell for the chemise.  After waiting probably a little less than a year, I just couldn't wait any longer.  I have the chemise assembled and am working on the 4 rows of 1/8" running stitches around the 150+" neckline.  These stitches will pull up to form the lovely, very small, cartridge pleating around the very open neckline.  It can be worn almost off-shoulder, with an almost straight-across neckline, or on-shoulder with a more scooped neckline.  So far, I'm really liking how it is turning out and will post pictures, probably next week.

We're camping, SCA-style, this weekend and I'm rushing through a second Viking outfit.  Gotta love Viking, even if it is debatable as to period accuracy and proper construction techniques.  It's just so fast and easy and it looks good ON!  I'm buzzing up a peach colored gown - probably not period, but I'm trying really hard to use things that I already have on hand.  The apron gown is a 2-piece version - supposedly maybe more period-correct, with a wide back panel and a narrow front panel.  It's in a rust-colored woolen and will go over the peach gown.

I took time to make myself a couple of strands of bead-work to wear on the apron gown, fastened to the brooches at the base of the straps in front.  Again, made do with beads that I already had, but I think that they turned out pretty good.

I'm also making a Viking caftan-like coat.  Period accuracy of this garment is also somewhat debated, but I like it.  My fabric is seriously not period, or so I believe.  It is wool, but it is a woven stripe in shades of soft brown/rust with some gold/yellow and black.  I just like it so much that I don't care if it's not period!  I'm going to line it in the same peach linen that I am using for the gown.  Not trying to over-coordinate, but I have plenty of the peach and am happy not to be spending anything on fabric right now.  I own enough!

I'm also trying to decide on a better, more period-looking camping arrangement.  I'm tired of the old dome tent and want more room, more easily accessed.  Debating lots of options right now and will post about it here when I actually have more of an idea of what I'm doing.

Photos will follow, hopefully quite soon, I promise!

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