Monday, October 25, 2010

Back from the weekend at Defenders...

It was a lovely weekend, nice weather, great people.  The day-time temps were a little warm for multi-layered garb, but still not bad.  The nights were wonderful for snuggling under a mountain of covers - oh how I've missed sleeping under covers.

I had been working on herringbone stitch embroidery on my dark blue apron dress.  Once both sides were symmetrical, I called it wearable, but I am going to add some more stitching to it.  The rust colored apron dress needs a bit of final assembly and some embellishment.  I've ordered some tablet-woven pieces from an Etsy vendor.  I think that one of those will be about right for the new apron dress.  I may need to do a bit of embroidery on the peach gown - not sure yet.

I really need to focus on accessories for those two outfits.  I started hemming the first of two veils - one oval, one rectangular.  Both are of IL030 linen from  At 2.8oz. it is their lightest linen, but I'm not thrilled with it.  I guess I'm a little spoiled by the fineness of the silks that I've used.  For a veil, this linen seems rather stiff, but hopefully it will soften with washing and time.  I'm going to add beads to the edge of the oval, after it's hemmed.  I'd like to do another one to be edged with the kumihimo-like trim that I'm making on my Diva Cord-maker.  It's rather an imitation kumihimo gadget, but fun.  I also need to finish a belt and make a bag to wear with those two outfits.

I've just figured out where the cameras are, so maybe tomorrow I can get some pictures taken and posted.

Going in another direction, I think that it's high time that I finish one of the two bedspreads that I started for my bedroom about 3 years ago, give or take.  I just don't like working on humongous objects like bedspreads or wedding gowns, but I have a goal for my bedroom and if I don't get back to sewing, my room will never get done.   More to post one of these days...


  1. Oh boy!! You are one busy lady!!!!
    Sewing is not my thing (too hard!) so my hat is off to you!
    I would love to see some photographs of your work.
    Very glad you found the camera, so maybe that will happen.
    Bedspreads - yikes!
    I remember knitting a bedspread for both granddaughters...
    working throughout the summer heat, with that heavy thing on my lap!!
    Not much fun!
    I really enjoy your blog and I'm happy you're back.
    Thanks SO much for your nice email!! It was great to hear from you.
    I hope that you'll give silk-painting another try, in your SPARE time!! :)

    I've added your link to my blog.


  2. Well, the camera is in my purse, so at least I know where it is. Tomorrow morning everyone else goes about their week and I have a quiet house for a few hours. Pictures should happen then!

    Thanks for your kind comments. My blog seems silly to me at times, but it is nice to be able to share with others who can understand the hassles and rewards of trying to create.