Monday, November 15, 2010

Back from Southern Crusades

And boy were the nights cold!  Of course we knew to expect that going in, but still...I'm a wimpy city girl and it was cold!  So today I'm coping with stuffy nose and ears, grungy throat and general sense of needing to have a quiet day, in my pj's with my coffee and some time to contemplate things that I saw at Southern and things that I want to get busy on, once I'm feeling better.

For Chris, 3-4 shirts just like the one that we bought back at Highlands War.  He loves it so why not?  Also a doublet or two in fabric, maybe one in leather.  He needs boots, but I'm looking on line for those.  Also a pouch to go on his belt, along side his arsenal!  hehe

A pouch for me, as well as a hat or two.  Saw a real beauty at one of the merchant's shops, but over $150 is way, way over my budget.  And besides, supposedly, I know how to do this stuff...get busy me!

All of the things that I wanted to finish BEFORE Southern . . . the Viking caftan, the gray cloak, the reds and browns in the gowns and sideless surcoats.

Today I can just contemplate all of it from the cozy warmth of a blanket on a sofa.


  1. Ohhh, I do hope you'll feel better soon!!
    Don't overdo, or you'll feel even worse.
    Sit in front of your computer, with your coffee - and shop!
    Fun! Fun! Fun! :)

  2. Actually, it never really got any worse than at that moment, while typing. More like allergies acting up than anything else. Good thing too, since I was supposed to be getting ready to host a Southwest Costume Guild meeting/workshop at my house today. The last of the happy hat-makers went home a little while ago, having spent the day learning how to make a 30's/40's inspired hat. They seem to have enjoyed the day and I am worn out. That was a hectic month, what with Defenders, Southern Crusades and a workshop in the house. I'm going to enjoy the next few days - nothing major scheduled!