Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Well, some are in the camera and some are waiting to get in....hehehe...

I will do pictures soon!  Meanwhile though, I'm in garb and encampment land - and scrambling like crazy.  With Southern Crusades coming up in just a couple more days, I'm trying to get a bit more versatility into my garb wardrobe.  Estrella War is coming up in less than 3 months and these shorter events have been my motivation to get enough garb going to be able to do the whole week of Estrella...or so I hope.

Today though, was encampment improvement day, or so it seems.  I made a maroon canvas/duck cover for the banquet table, and a brown canvas/duck cover for one of the very modern camping chairs.  Those chairs are hard to get out of, so I made a matching cushion to give myself a little boost.  I wanted to get something made to cover the First Up canopy, but need more time on that.  Also used a coarse, uncomfortable, cheap cotton sheet to re-upholster an old but still solid Coleman sleeping bag.  The inside flannel and batting were good, but the cover was shot.  It looked like a heavy cotton voile - way too thin and light, and tore like crazy.  The uncomfortable sheet is perfect on the outside and the bag has a new lease on life.  Yes, it was a lot of work, but I think it was worth it.  The bag was far too good to throw away.  Mostly, I use it as a mattress topper, on top of my 5" thick, high density foam.  Yup, I camp in comfort!

I'm seriously considering taking a real bed on this trip.  It's very old, having been my grandmothers; she was born in 1894.  It's a 3/4 bed, so no mattresses or sheets available except by custom-order.  I used it as a guest bed for a couple years, but it's been in storage for many years.  Now I'm thinking that, even though it's not in any way period, it is easy to break down and would get me up off of the ground.  There'd be storage space underneath.  If it doesn't work out for camping, then I need to look at having a carpenter take the pieces and make a bench or hall bench out of it...something that would keep the basic look of it, but perhaps with storage under a hinged lid.  Really can't keep storing it any more.

So...I'll take lots of pictures in my encampment, as well as of everything else that I've mentioned in the last few posts...and get them up here SOON!

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