Monday, January 17, 2011


I've got pictures of the new hat in the camera, but I can't get them out.  The cable has disappeared!  Figures.

Spent yesterday with Dame Angele and friends, making our new Really Warm Coats for Estrella.  Mine is together except for the hem.  Of course, embellishment is another story and will take some time.  I'll cut Chris' this week and should be able to have them both done in plenty of time for war.  Embroidery will happen when it happens.

I've got two shirts cut for Chris and ready to sew up.  Will try to get one more shirt and a couple of gowns cut this evening.  I have far too much fabric pulled and matched to patterns, all for garb for war - way more than I can hope to get done between now and then, but it is fun to actually be excited about sewing again.  It's been a while.

I'm thinking about crop-circle-inspired motifs to embellish my coat.  Many of the crop circle designs were probably inspired by much older, even ancient designs, and so could be quite appropriate!  I'm thinking of designs with lots of circles, and wool circles like they're using for the penny rugs that are 'back in' in the crafting & sewing world.  The circles are available die-cut from a variety of on-line sources...and some are pretty reasonable.  I can't imaging cutting very many circles by hand, but die-cut might make this project happen.

I bought a gorgeous piece of home dec fabric for a Persian-type coat, but after this weekend's coat class, I'm going to make it the same as the other new coat, so it will happen a lot sooner. 

Sheesh, I need to take a lot of pictures.

Ok, back to work!

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