Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm making a tent....and my life keeps getting stranger....

Well, first things first in the land of strangeness...I have a licensed teenager living under my roof.  What on earth happened to the tiny baby that we brought home such a short time ago?  Whoa....where did the years go?  Well, clear the sidewalks people - he's driving!

Back to the tent thing.  Yup.  I'm building the cover for an old carport frame, canvas, waterproofing, the whole darned process.  I got the fabric cut today.  Guess what.  Forty yards of fabric weighs just as much in a pile of folded pieces as it did as one piece on a roll...darn it.  This thing is going to be heavy!  Fortunately, the finished cover will be in 3 pieces, so hopefully not too heavy for me to manage on my own.

With the tent cut, and waiting for thread to arrive, I'm moving on to cutting garb.  I should have been doing this back in November, but that's water under the bridge...or some other such cliche.  Anyway, regardless of how short time has gotten until Estrella begins, I WILL have enough garb to get through the week - somehow!

I'm ready to cut 3 or 4 shirts for Chris, 2 very warm coats (at a workshop on Sunday), some gowns, sideless gowns, a couple of chemises, the lining for the viking coat that is waiting, and whatever else I can squeeze in.  Oh, yeah, at least one more hat - with a big, fluffy fur band.  I'll try to get a pic up of the hat pattern test run...more on that story in another's cool.

So, back to the cutting table.

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