Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Well darn...

It seems that old habits have snuck back up on me!  I haven't posted in almost 2 months?  Wow...

Well, the end of the semester was a bit hectic as always, but mostly, I've just been hung up by the fact that I really want to get more pictures up here and both cameras are out of commission.  I may have to borrow one somewhere, for a day or two, so I can photograph everything all at once and post a whole bunch!

Meanwhile, getting ready to teach my first SCA class, an embellishment technique.  I'll be teaching it at Kingdom A&S Collegium this weekend, and then at Highlands War next weekend.  Nothing like diving in head first!

I'm determined to have garb suitable for the warm weather that can show up at Highlands, so I'm working on some Greco/Roman stuff, all in very light, cotton gauzes.  Chitos, peplos, and some wraps to provide a bit more modesty than what the gauze would give otherwise.  Considering doing some as fully lined, double layers of the gauze, as I have plenty with which to work.  I know, this is a bit early for our period, but I love the look of the chitons and peplos and I'm sure that they will be very comfortable.  Just have to decide on what will be beneath them, for a little extra comfort, as well as for that modesty issue.  I should probably looking more at building Roman tunics and stolas, which have much in common with the Greek styles, but I just love the look of the chiton with the should seam pinned together.  

Oddly, for these too-early-for-our-period garments, the thing that got me all fired up was an image too LATE for our period - a late pre-raphaellite image:

While the painting is definitely far, far after our period, I have to believe that this artist, John William Godward, must have seen some original art from the Greco/Roman era, statues especially.  This may not be period, but it looks pretty good, and should be easy enough to back it up with some really period sources.  It will still be too early for SCA, BUT...I'll be comfortable!

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  1. Periodically I browse Dharma Trading Co. for their silks, and wonder what weight silk Godward's models wore. I adore his paintings, and one day, I will fashion some garb inspired by them. *Swoon*

    1. Last spring was so hectic, I never even saw your comment until now. Yes, I suppose that it would have to be silk. On my budget, I'm faking it with a very light, somewhat sheer, cotton krinkle gauze. It works...and it's comfortable.