Monday, June 27, 2011

Oh my....

I finally forced myself to take a serious look at the book collection.  This is just the books in my studio, not anything from the rest of the house!  It's scary.  The shelves have been over-flowing for a long, long time.  Too many times, I've managed to acquire duplicates.  My interests have changed, yet books have not moved on when they no longer suited my activities.  It's time for a change!

Getting rid of books is not easy, if one is not willing to drop them at the local thrift store.  I can't do that, not with this many books, many of which are brand new, unread and still, really wonderful!

Listing them in e-bay is a pain in the neck.  Likewise for Etsy.  For now, I'm just listing them on a page on this blog, in a table format with prices.  It will be interesting to see if any of them move!  In a couple of months, I'll look at going back to the e-bay store arrangement, if necessary. 

I just really want my shelves to be neat and orderly again, or at least to have room for all that I need them to hold.  Once the books are under control, next will probably be the sewing patterns.  I think I've reached my breaking point, being tired of being overwhelmed every time I set foot in my studio.  Time to say enough already.  This has got to end!

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