Sunday, June 5, 2011

Oh, no way!

I'm going to take a stab at another tent, last minute, right before Highlands War.  Yup.

Chris had indicated that he'd like to have a plain, simple tent; even that he'd like to make it - something along the lines of a tee-pee.  I had him look at a few pictures in the Panther Primitives catalog and he seemed to like the Anglo-Saxon geteld best of everything that he saw.  Of all of the wedge-type tents, it does seem to be the simplest.  An hour or so browsing Google results gave me diagrams and patterns for variations on the idea.  I'm going to Phoenix Tent & Awning early Monday morning to buy the canvas.  Hoping to cut it out and get it mostly sewn that same day. 

We'll need Tuesday for last minute details and for emptying and loading my van.  We're due at Mormon Lake on Wednesday, as early as we can manage, to help set up the site for Highlands War. 

We might even have both of our new tents!

Yeah!  I hope.

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